Monday, October 31, 2016

Outstanding October!

It has been a busy month here in Room 209!

The third grade teachers love to show our spirit! Some days we plan on dressing alike, some days it just happens!

Officer Schipelliti came in to talk about bus safety and how to act on a school bus and what to do in case of an emergency.

We met up again with our Kindergarten Buddies to help them learn some cooperative games to play during indoor recess:



We were also one of the first grade levels to fill up our flag in the cafeteria because we earned so many Starbucks! Our reward was being able to decorate our lockers! Check them out!

In math, we are finishing up learning our multiplication facts from 0-10. We learned a new game call Multiplication Squares to help us practice our facts!

In Science we learned about Magnets and what in our classroom was magnetic and what was not. We also learned about the poles of a magnet and how we use magnets every day.

In Social Studies, we are busy learning about the Wampanoag Native Americans and the Pilgrims in preparation for our field trip to Plimouth Plantation. Mrs. Weldon put together a great activity for us to use the interactive Plimouth Plantation Website to learn more about them.

We got together with Mrs. Kip's class and Mrs. Moussa and Mrs. Guttenplan came in to teach us about Diwali and the traditions that go along with Diwali. We made connections with some of our own celebrations and how they are similar and different.

Mrs. Kip also showed us a fun Brainpop on Halloween, where we learned where the holiday came from. Did you know that it originated in Ireland? I didn't know that!

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween. Please refrain from sending in candy as a snack. A nutritious snack is more helpful for your child's learning than candy. 

November is tomorrow! Remember no school on November 8th (Election Day), 10th (Teacher Professional Development), and 11th (Veterans' Day). 

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